Respect for All

Respect For All Handouts

Student/Parent Guide Concerning Bullying/Harassment Complaints

1.Report the incident to the Respect for All (RFA) liaison(s) and/or school administration.

2.Parents should request the incident number (also known as Online Occurrence Reporting System (OORS) number) from school administration for follow up.

3.The school will investigate and must advise the parents of the complaining student of the outcome of the investigation.

4.Where appropriate, the complaining student may be referred for support services.

5.Students who have been found to have engaged in bullying or harassment will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action pursuant to the Department of Education’s Discipline Code.

Additional Guidance

Please refer to Chancellor’s Regulation A -832 for additional information regarding the procedures for filing complaints of bullying or harassment and the DOE’s policy prohibiting bullying and harassment.

Please contact Dina Farraj RFA Liaison to discuss any concerns relating to bullying or harassment. Ms.Farraj can be reached by calling 718-442-3860 or We are here to help!