School Leadership Team

School Leadership Team Meetings

PS19 is proud to let you know that our School Leadership Team Meetings are now open to the public.

Guests are welcome to observe the meetings. If a guest wants to speak at a meeting or pose a question to the SLT they will have to submit a request and/or their request in writing in person or via email at least one week ahead of time to Chairperson at

Team Members:
Principal Cartagena-Perez, Samantha Seidman, Jennifer Chan, Maria Cambria-Rodriguez, Milagros Colon, Leslie Marrero PTA president, Takisha Landy Title 1 person, Karen Aguilar PTA Recording Secretary, Erika Sanchez & Latasha Williams

Samantha has been elected as SLT Chairperson

Maria and Takisha have been elected as SLT Recording Secretary and Co-Secretary

Jennifer has been elected as SLT Financial Liaison